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What is ProductReview101.com?

Our goal is to inform consumers, helping them to make the best buying decision. We take an exhaustive, scientific approach, unique to the industry. Our team of researchers and editors are just a small part of what goes into every review or piece of content. A single review may incorporate hundreds of participants ranging from university researchers to consumers who have real hands-on experience with a product or service. The simplest of products may take months to complete the review process.

Even after a product has gone through the review process, we continue to monitor each product or service, updating content and making changes as products and industry may evolve.


How do we fund our research and development?

Everyone knows research and development is expensive. We can continue to provide a free service to you the reader by display advertising links on our website. We may participant is associate programs with Amazon, Walmart, EBay, Target, and others. We at times, may earn advertising fees through these programs. When consumers come to our website, click on referring links or purchase product, we may receive a fee. Using our free service in no way increases the purchase price to you the consumer.


How do rankings work?

Information within this website is general in nature and in no way intended to be a substitute or medical or professional advice. Reviews or published data, on any product or service are provided as opinion only.
Information provided “as is” basis with no guarantee, claims or promises to the accuracy or completeness. We reserve the right to alter information within this website without notice. We disclaim any responsibility associated with the general information provided on any pages within this website.

Visitors use this website and its content solely at their own risk. In no event shall this website or the owners of this website be liable for any third party claims for damages related to the use of this website.

We may endorse any seller, product, provider or services mentioned within this website or affiliated endorsements or advertisements.


How do we rank products and services?

Does it represent value? Does it represent a good deal? Manufacturers reputation is the first thing we look at. This is an area we carefully analyze with all products or service. The ability of a manufacturer to offer value and great customer service is vital part of our decision-making process. What does the product offer? How much does it coast in comparison to similar products in the same category?

We consider third party reviews as a strong indicator of how a product preforms. We feel that our approach to analyzing products and services allows us to provide more actionable advice to shoppers.

We also strongly rely on research, clinical and university studies as the basis of our determination and rating. Each product or service we review is unique in its own category. By taking all factors into consideration we can compile the best rating for each product or service. This strategy has enabled us to aid consumers in purchasing the best product or service.


Advertising Disclosure:

We do not accept free samples, sponsorships, or promotional products from any of the brands reviewed or featured on this website. ProductReview101.com is an independent website established to uncover the truth about products and services offered in today’s hectic market place. We meticulously analyze existing data related to products and industries we review. We spend months examining data, analyzing every angle, historical trends, studies and user experiences. Advertising helps us to continue to offering our services free of charge to you the consumer.

How advertising on our website works? When someone clicks on a product review or one of advertising partner’s links within our website, we may receive a fee. This does not increase the coast of the product to the purchaser. We will never list a product as the best overall unless the product, through our extensive review process earns that designation and we truly believe it to be the best. We review a wide variety of products and services and do not always provide a complete listing of all products in a group or category. We participants in associate programs with Amazon, Walmart, EBay, Target, and others, we may earn advertising fees when consumers click on referring links or purchase products from our affiliate websites.


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